Flatlay of the Kite Puffling Romper - a mid-blue baby bodysuit with navy blue cuffs and a puffin appliqué detail.
A baby sat on a coir mat wearing the Kite Puffling Romper - a blue organic baby playsuit with puffin design
Reverse of the Kite Puffling Romper - a blue babygro

Kite Puffling Romper

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This organic, super-soft, and comfortable baby romper is perfect for sleepy time and playtime in Kite's eye-catching Atlantic blue with fun puffling appliqué detail. It's just what the little puffling in your life needs to provide comfort night or day! With t-shirt neck and popper crotch and shoulder opening.

Head of Wardrobe loves Info & Care Brand

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Kite Puffling Sleepsuit
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