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Beat the Heat: How to Keep Babies and Children Cool in Hot Weather

With the soaring temperatures, it's important to take extra care to keep babies and children cool in hot weather.

Because younger children sweat less, they are less able to regulate their own temperature and are at higher risk of dehydrating and overheating. 

The UK has issued its first ever red extreme weather warning for hot weather with temperatures expected to hit 40C on Monday.

Here are some tips on how to keep babies and children cool in the hot weather...

Stay hydrated: 

Encourage your children to drink water more frequently - even before they ask for it. Mix cold water with fruit juice or offer weak squash to entice children to drink more.

Making your own ice-lollies from weak squash can also be a great solution.

Take refillable water bottles with you if you go out.

If breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, offer small feeds more frequently.

Dress lightly: 

Baby wearing an organic cotton striped bubble romper from Lilly + Sid to keep cool in hot weather

Dress your children in loose-fitting clothing made from natural materials. Organic cotton is ideal because it is more absorbent than conventional cotton, and will help maximise the evaporation of sweat.

Limit to one layer - or none at all if you are inside or in plenty of shade.

Don't forget a sunhat and suncream!

Extra rest time: 

Just as heat can be exhausting for adults, hot weather also makes children feel more tired.

The combination of heat and fatigue can lead to increased irritability. Be sure to come inside regularly to cool off, drink water and, if nap times are off the cards, then some quiet time would be advisable.

A sleeping baby - allow extra rest time to keep babies cool in hot weather

Keep your cool: 

Open windows and doors first thing in the morning to let the cool air in. As the day warms up, close doors, windows and curtains to keep the heat at bay. 

Ensure there are fans to keep air circulating - but don't point directly at a sleeping baby. If using air-conditioning, don't make it too cold - between 24 - 26C is cool enough.

Use cold flannels from running them under the tap - or even store them in the fridge to provide some relief.

Paddling pools, swimming pools and bathing spots are your friend. Ensure that children are always supervised while swimming or playing near water.

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