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About ILO Clothing

ILO Clothing is a gender neutral, sustainable children's brand made in the UK, specialising in scandi baby and scandi kids clothing designs. Featuring organic baby and kids clothing that is kinder to the planet and the people who made them.

ILO clothing is inspired by the holistic Scandinavian approach to childhood where play, comfort, nature and family intertwine to nurture a wholesome child.  

In fact the name ILO, comes from the Finnish word for joy - and we’re sure this collection of bright, colourful and fun Scandi style organic baby & kids clothing is sure to spark joy with your little ones.

Featuring bold and vibrant prints and nature-inspired sweet illustrations, ILO showcases the best of Bristol, where the brand was born. Featuring Bristol-based designers and illustrators who take inspiration from the city around them - for example the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, with hot-air balloons featuring prominently in ILO’s collection.

You’ll find clothing that’s packed with features to make them last longer - including 'grow with me' designs - which last two to three times longer than regular children’s styles.

ILO founder Violeta Llano says: “At the heart of ILO is a desire for a more sustainable future, which is why we create clothing that you won’t need to replace often, if ever – helping reduce textile waste.”

WE LOVE... if you’re looking for Scandi style for your baby and kids, the bright and colourful styles crossed with nature-inspired prints make this sustainable kids' brand a dream. All their organic baby and kids clothing is made right here in the UK so you can be sure it’s made ethically and supports local workers and artisans.

ILO Clothing's Ethical Values

Planet icon representing My Little Green Wardrobe's Planet ethical values
  • ILO Clothing only uses GOTS-certified cotton (GOTS is the highest textile standard with stringent environmental and social criteria)
  • No harmful synthetic chemicals throughout supply chain
  • Dyes and components adhere to Oeko Tex 100 certification
  • Uses off-cuts of fabrics
  • Garments designed to minimise fabric waste
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • ILO strives to be free of single-use plastics -  all packaging is 100% home compostable.
People No Animals  Local Diversity & Inclusivity