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About Lilly + Sid

Founded in 2009 with its three key principles of design, quality and value, this award-winning children’s brand is as loved by parents as the children that wear it.

In their words: “We want to show the world that a successful business can be built combining quality organic clothing in a planet friendly way.”

Designed in London, Lilly + Sid is inspired by vintage British trends and delivers funky clothes made from GOTS-certified organic cotton - get ready for a splash of colour and fun!

WE LOVE... Lilly + Sid produce gorgeous organic staples at an affordable price proving, in every sense, that clothing shouldn’t cost the earth.

Lilly + Sid's Ethical Values

Planet icon representing My Little Green Wardrobe's Planet ethical values
  • Only uses GOTS-certified organic cotton (GOTS is the highest textile standard with stringent environmental and social criteria)
  • Uses recycled synthetic materials
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Designs clothes to avoid excess fabric waste
  • Takes part in a clothing recycle scheme
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