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About Ducky Zebra

Ducky Zebra is an ethical children's clothing brand on a mission to tackle the frequent gender-stereotyping found in kids’ clothing.

Girls’ clothes are often pink, cute and impractical, promoting kindness, but not always confidence.

Boys’ clothes, on the other hand, are often blue, aggressive and adventure seeking. promoting confidence, but not always kindness.

Ducky Zebra brings these two characteristics together, allowing all children, whatever their gender, to celebrate kindness and confidence through bright, colourful clothing.

The brand uses GOTS-certified organic cotton to reduce their environmental impact and ensure safe working conditions.

WE LOVE... Ducky Zebra’s bright and fun garments are sized generously and include features like turn-up cuffs to increase longevity. Their unisex clothes are designed to last and be passed onto siblings and friends, regardless of the season or gender.

Ducky Zebra's Ethical Values

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  • Ducky Zebra only uses GOTS-certified cotton (GOTS is the highest textile standard with stringent environmental and social criteria)
  • Uses off-cuts of fabrics
  • Designs clothes to avoid excess fabric waste
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Low water usage
  • Renewable energy along supply chain
  • Recycled / eco-friendly packaging
  • Where possible uses digital printing for clothes rather than screen printing - using less water, ink and energy
  • Clothing recycle scheme and a number of initiatives to avoid fabric waste including:
  • Up-cycle: working with UK-based company Wrapkind to up-cycle pre-production samples into bags.
  • Practically perfect: around 4% of Ducky Zebra’s clothes fail rigorous quality checks. Often this is because of a small misprint. Rather than sending these items to landfill, the label sells them at a discounted rate, as part of their 'practically perfect' programme.
  • Offcuts: The company’s manufacturing partner sends any non usable fabric end bits to the mills to make recycled yarn.
  • The business runs a pre-loved programme which involves a partnership with The Oxford Baby Bank.
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