Ducky Zebra turquoise cord kid skirt with a fun dog and hedgehog appliqué poking out of two pockets. The skirt has a teal, elasticated waistband and a teal embroidered splash &
Image of a girl playing with water wearing a Ducky Zebra turquoise cord sirt with a hedgehog appliqué peaking out of the pocket. The girl is also wearing a Ducky Zebra sweatshirt with a fun festival repeat print.
Ducky Zebra turquoise cord skirt with a fun hedgehog appliqué poking out of the pocket.
Ducky Zebra turquoise cord skirt for children, with a fun dog appliqué poking out of the pocket

Ducky Zebra Turquoise Cord Skirt - Dog + Hedgehog

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This little girl's cord skirt is perfect at parties or just for every day wear. The soft organic cotton skirt comes in a vibrant turquoise colour with a fun dog and hedgehog appliqué design.
Makes a perfect gift for a child, and comes wrapped in tissue ready to hand over.
This girl's skirt has been designed and road-tested by kids themselves, and comes with two handy pockets which they'll love stowing away life's treasures in.
Made from the highest quality certified organic cotton, this girl's cord skirt is soft, comfy and ideal next to even the most sensitive young skin.
Works well with all of Ducky Zebra's top halves, including their long sleeve red top and long sleeve green top
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