Our Seed Paper

When you make a purchase from My Little Green Wardrobe you’ll receive a little thank you card, printed on seeded paper.

Once planted and shown some love, the paper should blossom into beautiful summer flowers.

We do this to reduce our environmental impact - since the cards are made from recycled materials - but also because more plants and flowers actively combat climate change, help essential pollinators, and contribute to biodiversity.

And lastly because growing flowers together with your children is great fun and a fantastic way to teach them about the world around us.

My Little Green Wardrobe's recycled brown paper envelopes featuring the text 'Awesomeness awaits inside...' and a pile of the thank you notes included with every order featuring My Little Green Wardrobe's Todd mascot on seeded paper 

What is Seed Paper?

The seed paper our cards are printed on is made from discarded cotton fibres from the textile industry.

This is great news because it makes use of existing materials that might otherwise go to waste, and it also means there are no trees cut down to make the paper.

The inks used in printing are vegetable based, without mineral oils or volatile organic compounds.

The paper is impregnated with a mix of summer flower seeds which are ready to spring to life as soon as they’re planted.

How does it work?

So how does your seed paper actually grow? After being placed in the soil, the paper composts allowing the seeds to germinate and - with the right care and attention - grow into beautiful flowers.

As these are summer flowers, spring or early summer is the best time to plant in a pot and keep outside, or they can be planted year round and kept near a window that gets plenty of sunlight.

We don’t recommend planting directly into garden soil, as the young plants will simply prove an irresistible feast for slugs and snails.

Graphic showing how to plant My Little Green Wardrobe's seeded paper thank you card. Icons show planting in a pot, watering and direct sunlight.


  1. Fill a pot or sowing tray with soil until it is about two thirds full.
  2. Place the seed paper on top and cover with a thin layer (approx. half a centimetre) of soil and press gently. It doesn’t matter if the paper overlaps the pot - or you can tear the paper into smaller chunks if you prefer.
  3. Water really well, so the paper is very moist.
  4. Ensure the paper is kept moist for the first 10 days so the seeds separate from the paper and can germinate.
  5. Once sprouts begin to appear, reduce the amount of watering so they don’t drown.
  6. After the seedlings have become established, transfer the whole lot to a bigger pot and grow on. Or individually remove each seedling and grow on in lots of small pots.
  7. When they are big enough, plant out in the garden or in a bigger pot for your patio and enjoy your lovely flowers!

We can’t guarantee 100% germination, but if you follow the guidelines above you stand every chance of success.

Enjoy your flowers and don’t forget to show us your results! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #mlgw.