Five children sitting around a table covered in a large piece of recycled brown paper drawing the sun, wind farms, the earth, footprints, bicycles, lightbulbs and other environmentally themed drawings

Guide to Ethical Values

You've got high standards... we've got high standards. Snap!

Sustainability is a complicated subject and at My Little Green Wardrobe we are looking for progression not perfection.

An icon of a wardrobe to look like a fox representing Todd - My Little Green Wardrobe's mascot

Our Values


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Several people's hands supporting a representation of the earth


Icon representing My Little Green Wardrobe's Animals ethical value


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Two lambs nuzzling each other against a grassy backdrop


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Gives Back

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A child's hands cupped in an adults hands. In the child's hand is a green wooden heart.

Diversity & Inclusivity

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A view of 7 children from the thighs down showing their wellington boots