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Let's talk about Black Friday...

Let’s talk about Black Friday.

As an ethical business, I’ve had to do some soul-searching over whether we should run a Black Friday promotion.

Slashing and discounting prices in a big way doesn’t represent the values we stand for. We’d rather promote a model of slow fashion: of buying high quality sustainably-produced clothes, valuing them for their true worth and taking care of them.

Research suggests many of the items bought on Black Friday discounts end up going straight to landfill - which is a shameful waste.

However, I'm also a realist.  Many people are shopping for gifts around this time, and are enticed by a deal of some kind. And at least if they’re buying more ethically-made goods to start with then there’s a lower impact on the environment compared to items made with no sustainable practices.

There’s also no point My Little Green Wardrobe having a stockroom full of gorgeous organic and ethically produced kids clothing if they’re not going to be worn. That would also be a shameful waste.

So here’s the deal: we’ve decided to rebrand Black Friday as Green Friday.

We’ll be offering a discount of up to 40% off AND we’ll be planting a tree for every item purchased over the promotion period.

For example, if you buy four things from us, we’ll plant four new trees. Simple as that.

We’ve partnered with Just One Tree  which plants trees as part of reforestation efforts around the world. 

Just One Tree is focusing on replanting in poverty-stricken areas to simultaneously tackle our climate crisis whilst improving livelihoods for struggling communities.

We’re asking you to think carefully before each purchase and buy only what you need to.

With all of our brands operating with improved pay and conditions for garment workers, and many of them giving back to good causes you really will be spreading joy this Christmas.

We’re hoping in this way, Green Friday will be a win for you and a win for the planet.

Shop our Green Friday deals HERE, and shop consciously and with kindness.

With love,


Lucy Todd Author: Lucy Todd
Lucy Todd is the founder of My Little Green Wardrobe. She started her own ethical clothing journey after spending countless hours trying to find suitable clothes for her own children. Her expertise are in the manufacturing and distribution of clothing, with a particular focus on sustainability, ethical working practices, harmful chemicals, and the environmental impact of the apparel industry.
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