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5 Best Sustainable Baby Brands

Whether shopping for your own little one or for a gift, it can be hard to decipher which are the best sustainable baby brands.  

Luckily for you, here at My Little Green Wardrobe we’ve waded through the greenwash and done the research, so you don't have to!

Here are five of the best baby brands out there that care about our planet.

Happy shopping!

1. Frugi

Best sustainable baby brand: Little girl wearing Frugi Esther playsuit

This cult brand's products are made from sustainable materials including GOTS organic cotton and recycled plastic. They are even beginning to use recycled cotton in their garments.

The British company donates money and clothes to projects that support disadvantaged children around the world. As a result, Frugi has to date donated over £1million to charitable causes. 

Not only are they famous for their ethical and sustainable practices, but  Frugi is also well-known for its own inimitable signature style. Kids and parents alike love their colourful and playful designs - and their clothes have been featured in magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar.

The eponymous Parsnip Pants, which grow with your little one, have been a brand bestseller for the past 20 years! 

If you're looking for eco-friendly, stylish, and socially responsible kids' clothes, Frugi is one of the best sustainable baby brands going.

2. Müsli by Green Cotton

A baby girl wearing the Cozy Me Pretty Pants. Musli is one of the best sustainable baby brands in Europe.

When it comes to children's clothes, there is no better option than Müsli by Green Cotton

Firstly, the Danish brand comes with an excellent pedigree: its parent brand, Green Cotton is responsible for the first organic cotton t-shirt ever made!

But most importantly, with its eco-friendly ethos, this brand is still creating high-quality garments that are gentle on the environment. From organic cotton t-shirts and baby rompers to leggings and warm sweaters, Musli's range of kids’ clothing offers comfort, style, and durability.

Whether you're looking for a gift for a new baby or just want to update your little one’s wardrobe, Musli's fashionable line of kids' clothing is sure to not only meet all your needs but exceed your expectations: the quality is second to none.

So why settle for anything less when you can have green, environmentally-friendly fashion that's also great for kids? 

3. Muddy Puddles

Two boys wearing eco swimwear from one of the top sustainable kids brands, Muddy Puddles

Muddy Puddles prove that outdoor performance clothing can be fun and functional without sacrificing quality or sustainability.

The brand's award-winning line of children's clothing is designed with active little ones in mind. It offers styles that are comfortable, durable, and uniquely stylish. 

As you might expect, our summer collection features bright colours and fun prints your child will love to wear... whether they're in the park or going to the beach.

And because these clothes are made to last, you'll be able to pass them down to future generations, saving money and reducing your impact on the environment.

Plus, the eco-friendly materials and production methods mean you can feel good about supporting a brand that cares about the environment just as much as you do! 

4. Kite Clothing 

Best Sustainable Brand Kite Clothing - a baby wearing a Kite romper

Kite Clothing is a baby and children’s clothing brand that focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable clothing options but with a British twist.

Based in Dorset, the team take inspiration from their beautiful surroundings to come up with the most gorgeous designs.

They produce their clothes using GOTS-certified organic cotton and other sustainable materials, using low-impact dyes for their garments. The brand ensures their workers are treated fairly and are paid a decent wage. 

In addition to their commitment to sustainability, Kite Clothing also focuses on designing fun and stylish clothes for kids.

For instance their Summer 2022 collection includes colourful sundresses, girls twirly skirts and baby rompers. They also have a line of clothes for boys, which includes cool graphic t-shirts and shorts. 

Kite is one of the best sustainable baby brands for parents who are looking for eco-friendly and stylish clothes.

5. Ducky Zebra

A baby wearing a striped bodysuit with a sun character design from new sustainable baby brand Ducky Zebra


There's a new brand on the block, and they're causing quite a stir. 

Ducky Zebra is quickly gaining popularity for their unique designs and commitment to sustainability. 

Founded in 2020, Ducky Zebra is already making a name for themselves in the sustainable kids fashion sector, with their fun and vibrant designs that are just perfect for summer. 

Ducky Zebra designs clothing to be gender neutral, which adds to their sustainability credentials. Items can be passed on to siblings and family members no matter if they’re boys or girls.

The brand are also on the shortlist for a Junior Design Award - quite an accolade!  

Their clothes are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton that support fairtrade and ethical labour practices. 

In addition, Ducky Zebra commits to giving back to the community, with a portion of proceeds going to charities that support children in need. 

With their combination of style, sustainability, and philanthropy, it's no wonder that Ducky Zebra is quickly becoming a favourite among parents and kids alike. Ducky Zebra is definitely one to watch!

Todd Fox icon Head of Wardrobe Final Thought…

So there you have it, our top sustainable kids brands that are doing their bit for the environment. We hope you’ll check them out and support these businesses in any way you can.

Most importantly, it is up to us as consumers to make a difference by voting with our wallets and supporting the brands that align with our values.

With love,


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