Flatlay of the Kite Floral Zebra t-shirt in navy blue with a colourful zebra print featuring flowers
Girl wearing the Kite Floral Zebra t-shirt and a stripy skirt with plaits in a pose as if about to do a cartwheel

Kite Floral Zebra T-Shirt

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The stylish rainbow zebra print on this t-shirt is for all budding flower and animal lovers. It’s a versatile piece that goes with practically everything - why not try this navy, organic cotton tee with Kite’s petal press leggings for top-to-toe style.

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Kite Dolphin Dive Skirt
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Flatlay of the Kite Rainbow Zebra Socks set: a set of three pairs of socks featuring a blue sock with bright zebra pattern, a cream sock with colourful hearts and a rainbow stripe sock
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